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A Magical Farm in the Smoky Mountains where Nature Rejoices...
Chairs and Mountains
Over the mountains and through the coves and hollers, past cows, horses and goats lazily grazing on mountainside pastures, you will find the magical paradise of Frog Holler. Mosey down lavender-lined pathways through thousands of blooming flowers in the company of butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds. You may catch a glimpse of a fairy or angel hiding amongst the acres of artistically arranged blossoms reminiscent of Italian and Austrian gardens.


Nestled in a holler in the Smoky Mountains between Goat Knob, Fidilly Top, Mills Mountain and Cansadie Top, Frog Holler enjoys an ideal gardening climate. Frog Holler is committed to the production of the highest quality vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers.

                                                                                    Mountaineer Lady

Relax on the porch swing, rockers or a garden bench and just enjoy the tranquil mountain views and songbirds' constant fluttering between the many birdfeeders and flower tops. Be entertained by the amusing antics and chatter of the Guineas, who are our constant gardening companions. Become entranced by the relaxing musical melodies of wind chimes and enjoy the aromatic blend of flowers and herbs carried on the breeze.

Greenhouse Gallery                                                               

Cow Face