Guinea Information Package 

Thank you for your interest in our garden helpers at Frog Holler Organiks!

Currently we have the following colors:

          Royal Purple
          Powder Blue
          Pearl Gray
          Buff Dondette
          African White
          Slates, and many others, for a total of 23 colors.
          We also have jumbo-size guineas.

Our keets are picked up the first few days after hatch. If you want tame keets, it is best to
pick them up on the 1st or 2nd day of hatch so they bond to you quickly.
Our prices are $10.00 at the first week of age and $1.00 for each week thereafter.

Occassionally we have mated laying pairs for $70.00. You end up with mom, dad and
about 20 keets within a few months so this is a deal when we have them, and mom and
dad do the work of raising them for you.

We also sell fertile eggs. Our eggs are less than 5 days old at sale date. We do not ship
eggs because we feel temperature fluctuations and jostling affects the hatch rate. We
normally have a 90-95% hatch rate here at the farm.

To protect your investment of time and money, we STRONGLY suggest you read
"Gardening with Guineas" by Jeanette Ferguson (President of the International Guinea
Fowl Breeders' Association). It is the only book you need to learn everything about
guineas. It is available on the website,, Barnes & Noble, etc.
About $14.00. A small price to pay to protect the health of your flock and raise and tame
your young ones right.

Our birds are raised on a totally organic farm, pasture-range everyday and coop-kept at night. They are fed high quality feed, organic produce and vitamin and mineral supplements. They are also raised in a closed flock with no addition of outside birds from other farms. We do not show our birds at fairs or shows, so they are never in contact with other birds. Therefore we can guarantee they are healthy and free of disease.

We are located 2 miles off I-40 at Exit 24, 25 minutes West of Asheville. If you would like to reserve keets, we hatch to fill orders only. This takes 28 days or more, depending on the waiting list before you (orders placed late spring could result in a wait of 2 months or more, so get your order in early). We have never used incubators but have one on hand for emergencies only. We feel the keets are much healthier when the eggs are under a hen, kept at the exact humidity, temperature and turned by the mother.

There is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for all orders
If you have a target date for pickup, we will do our best but this is a nature-oriented
business and we are at the mercy of the guineas's laying patterns. We try to set our eggs
for a Friday hatch and Saturday afternoon pickup to make this more convenient for you.

Most people buying a new flock want a variety of colors and we attempt to give you a
good color selection. We will do our best to make you happy but cannot guarantee exact
colors during the busy hatch season.
How many guineas to start with? Guineas are much happier, and safer, in groups. A
minimum number to start with would be 12. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Happy Gardening!

Frog Holler Organiks