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Guineas, Keets, and Eggs

I see a Bug! Garden Guineas

Want your very own Garden Helpers and companions? Tired of those
pesky ticks, fleas, grasshoppers and many other garden pests? Frog
Holler can provide you with a small or large flock of Guineas, from one
day old to adults. We have 23 colors, including Violet, Lavender, Slate, Powder Blue, Royal Purple, Pearl Gray, African White and Buff Dondette colors. We hatch eggs by pre-orders only ($25 deposit - minimum order 12). These birds will make gardening more fun and are also great watchdogs. For everything you need to know about raising guineas, read Gardening with Guineas by Jeanette Ferguson, available at, Mother Earth News
and major bookstores. We do not ship eggs or birds. Click below for our info package.

Cleaning the Garden... Click here for Guinea Information Package