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Biodynamic soil is gardening at the microbial level. We blend an array of hyper humus-rich growing mediums to give your plants a full mineral and nutrient spectrum for the biggest, healthiest and fastest growing plants possible! The more nutrients in your soil, the healthier you and your plants will be.

All our ingredients are in their natural state as nature intended good garden soil to be. We never add ingredients from unknown yard waste, GMO vegetable waste, non-organic restaurants, garbage, medical facility waste, compostable containers or dinnerware which may include processing chemicals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Every batch of Frog Holler Helper is tested in our greenhouse for seed-starting and growing on. Our finished product is 100% composted garden soil, not top soil. It is great for starting seeds and gives a very high germination rate.  

Due to the potential for damaging or killing microbes and earthworms, our garden soil is not subjected to damaging processing, which traditionally includes grinding, screening and/or baking at high temperatures so it can be stored in bags for long periods of time.  We mix and turn our soil many times and pick out debris by hand to treat microbes and earthworms with loving care.  We may sometimes miss some debris (sticks, stones, cans thrown in horse stalls, filet knives or towels from the trout farm) but feel this is a happy trade-off to have living soil with happy, healthy microbes.  Soil sold in garden centers is dead due to processing, otherwise it would rot and smell after being stored for long periods in bags.  That is why we request several days' notice so we can provide fresh bags for you.  We make every effort to provide the cleanest, healthiest soil possible.

Our family started creating our own garden soil in the 1960's and have grown our own food for health benefits since then, never failing to have a large vegetable garden each year and award-winning flowers and landscaping.

We are happy to share our fine soil and good health with you!

      Bag: (70 lb) - $14.02 ($15.00 including tax)
 Bag: (70 lb) SCREENED - $48.60 ($52.00 including tax) pre-order/pre-pay 
        Super Scoop: (980 lb.) (BEST DEAL) - $144.86 ($155.00 including tax)
One-Half Super Scoop: (490 lbs) - $74.77 ($80 including tax)

One bag equals 1.5 - 2.0 cubic feet (compacted - fluffed up)
One Super Scoop equals 14 bags.
A pickup truck holds 1/2 to 3 Super Scoops depending on the size of the truck bed and how much weight it can carry.


Delivery Available: Just Email us and ask for our Delivery Information & Request Form

Pick up is also available by appointment year-round.

Please advise several days ahead approximately how many bags you wish to pick up so we do not run out before you get here.

Don't forget to bring a tarp and bungies if you are picking up a truck or trailer load.

Still have Questions? Just email us for a faster response than calling.
Let us know if you want to be added to our email Newsletter list for Garden Tips and notification of Customer Days, Biodynamic Planting Calendar, Educational Workshops, etc.


Frog Holler Helper Composted Garden Soil is alive. DO NOT ROTOTIL IT! Disturb it as little as possible when building your garden beds. Do not mix it in with existing soil or compost. If you dilute it, it will be harder for the microbes and many other living organisms to recover and multiply. Let them move into the existing soil around them on their own. One earthworm population can move 18 tons of soil in a year. Let them mix it in the right way. Also, when you water or it rains, the black compost tea will saturate the existing soil under it and the microbes will move into it, eventually creating the same environment as the Composted Garden Soil. If you want, break up or disc your existing soil or compost and then apply Frog Holler Helper on top at a depth of at least 6-10 inches.

EASY SOIL CALCULATOR:,default,pg.html

FOR EXISTING BEDS: Apply 6 - 10 inches of Frog Holler Helper on top of your existing beds or compost. Do not thin to less than 6 inches deep or you will be drying out and damaging the microbes in the soil. As soon as possible, cover with 1- 2 inches of shredded hardwood mulch, garden hay or leaf mold to keep the soil moist and healthy. Do not use double or triple ground mulch which is ground to a powder that will pack down and cause rain run off and lack of oxygen to the soil and plant roots. Do not use pine mulch unless you are building a bed for acid loving plants such as blueberries or rhododendrons.

FOR NEW BEDS: Cut the grass or weeds short, apply a layer of 4-5 sheets of newspapers and wet it. Apply Frog Holler Helper 10-12 inches deep on top of the newspaper and shape your beds. As soon as possible, cover with 1- 2 inches of shredded hardwood mulch, garden hay or leaf mold to keep the soil moist and healthy. Do not use double or triple ground mulch which is ground to a powder that will pack down and cause rain run off and lack of oxygen to the soil and plant roots. Do not use pine mulch unless you are building a bed for acid loving plants such as blueberries or rhododendrons.

WEEDS: Our last two batches of Frog Holler Helper had a germination level of very close to 100%. That means, not only will your vegetable and flower seeds grow great, but also every weed seed that lands on your garden from the wind, birds or weeds going to seed in your area. Mulching will not only improve the health of your soil but will also place a barrier between weed seeds and the soil and help alleviate most germination of weed seeds. For those stubborn ones that do get through, they pull out of the loose soil easily. Just pat the mulch back in place so the soil does not show. If you use compost containing horse manure or other high weed seed materials, make sure it is buried deep to smother the weed seeds.

STARTING SEEDS IN SEED TRAYS: We use straight Frog Holler Helper and it works great. 

STARTING SEEDS IN THE GARDEN: Just pull the mulch back to expose the Soil and seed straight into it. For things like lettuce, I just make a trench and sprinkle the seeds on the soil, water in and water daily until they are up about a half inch and then water less.

TOMATOES: For disease-resistent tomatoes (since 2000 with no spraying or covering), use at least one-foot by one-foot at each plant base. We have found that even if they get a touch of blight, they bounce right back and recover!

WATER: If you are on city water with chlorine, it is much healthier for your garden soil and plants to collect and use rain water. You can attach a rain barrel to a downspout on your house and cover it with a screen to keep mosquitoes out. Either scoop it out from the top or buy or make one with a spigot near the bottom to attach a garden hose. (If your watering area is not uphill from your rain barrel.) Well water is the best.


Let Us Know How Your Garden Grows With Frog Holler Helper!

Allen and I were able to take a look at Frog Holler Helper under the microscope and he said, "That's some pretty damned good stuff!" He'd like to do a more thorough analysis and see what you've got, and he normally doesn't go to that sort of trouble unless he's impressed. I think it was the biological diversity that got him. When I took a gander, there wasn't a spot under the scope that wasn't moving or swirling in some way, and there were plenty of beneficial fungal hyphae, spores waiting to sprout and even a beneficial nematode... it was like the whole sample was vibrating. Good stuff! Keith Nicholson

I have a 1,500 square foot garden that I am building up the soil in the garden plots. This Spring I put Frog Holler Helper in a few of my plots. Not only were the plants in those plots the largest and healthiest, NO WEEDS grew around them! I am going to finish off the rest of my plots with FHH --it's the best!! Julie Mills

Robyn, When people understand that we have millions more MicroBiome cells than we do human cells, they will understand why it is so important to grow our food in soil that is HEALTHY! I love Frog Holler Helper Organic Composted Soil because it contains healthy microbes and earthworms, hyphae fungi, beneficial nematodes and all the good stuff God created to grow healthy plants and food. My Grandfather, who came to America from Italy in the early 1900's, had a garden in his back yard that had black, moist soil which he cultivated - growing his own worms and allowing those little critters to produce the best soil around. We ate nutritious food because of that soil. Thank you for providing the best Biodynamic Soil in the area! My health knows the difference! Maria Parrino

I so appreciate anyone who uses Biodynamic Preps, and as far as I know, you are the only one who does. That brings such a great energy to my garden - to all gardens! Thank you for the work that you are doing! Tracey Schmidt

Hi Robyn, I use Frog Holler Helper because of my spinach. Before using it, my garden really could not support spinach. I tried in the Spring and in the Fall too but only got small, stunted plants. But after using Frog Holler Helper, my spinach germinated well, grew easily and developed leaves up to 12 inches in length! Thanks very much. Jo Taylor

I love to use Frog Holler Helper in my garden because it works! It creates the best soil that I have seen, used, felt and experienced!!! It makes my plant friends ecstatic!! Love it! Kimberly Woods

I am a brand new gardener and wanted to do it right from the start. I drove to Frog Holler from SC in my Honda Element and took as many bags of soil as the axles would hold and then created beds for my herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. Very successful season so far--was giving away 5 varieties of tomatoes (and boy do I now know what an indeterminate tomato does . . . grows like Kudzu over everything else!) I will be back as soon as I can borrow a truck t prep my new bed for Spring. Betsy Bisson.

We just bought our first compost because we want to grow organic vegetables in our garden next year and you ran out of compost before we got any in the Spring of 2014. We know that we need the most supportive soil to grow the best fruits and vegetables. We believe Frog Holler our best bet after speaking with Robyn and looking at all the healthy plants and trees at Frog Holler. We really look forward to our garden bounty next Summer. Thank you! Deb Bowen

Keep up the good work. The veggies I planted in your fabulous mix are going bonkers--very big and happy. Thank you!

I love Frog Holler Helper because it is the best stuff! Dr. Mary Kay White

I like gardening with Frog Holler Helper because you are helping me bring back my garden (which the previous owners of the house let go). We are not there yet but a couple more loads of your soil and my trees, flowers and garden will be as healthy as ever! Reid Smithdeal

In the words of Tina Turner: "It's simply the best! Better than all the rest!" Thanks! Matt Elliot

Hi Robyn-I like using your compost as I know it is made with all natural products and great integrity . . . besides having that extra boost of biodynamic energy . . . thanks, Barbara Goergen

I love the intense rich color of Frog Holler Helper and the earthy clean smell. Our soil is in need of serious doctoring and when I read about Frog Holler Helper, I knew that it was the ticket to help make our soil more productive. I am using it on our lasagna beds and can't wait until the Spring to plant in it! Thanks you! Krista

. . . I live off Betsy's Gap . . . . got 11 guineas from you in May. Also soil and mulch! Everyone's tomatoes have the blight from all the rain I heard, but mine are beautiful - in fact, my entire garden is doing great! I know your soil is the reason. It was well worth the investment . . . Lea

We planted our fall leaf and root crops using your biodynamics calendar and the results were amazing! Where it normally takes a week or more for seeds to sprout, they were up in just 3 days, and growing at a healthy pace. Lettuce, kale, chard, carrot--they are all doing exceptionally well. From now on, we will definitely consult the biodynamics calendar before we plant. Thank you for sharing this information! Bob and Angie

Robyn, Thank you so much for offering this rich Biodynamic Soil! Maria P.

Hi Robyn ! a couple of weeks ago i picked up some of your FROG HOLLER HELPER Garden Soil and i meant to tell ya, that's some amazing stuff. we are mostly container gardening this year and i uppotted some plants into larger pots using your soil and the plants literally jumped up and got that happy plant glow ! speaking on behalf of my garden, i would like to thank you for the wonderful soil.i plan on getting some more soon ! Chris M.

It was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday . . . I now can tell you...I LOVE YOUR SOIL. I just about buried my face in it! Pamela

Your Dirt Rocks! Thank you so much for the wonderful dirt! M. and D. Lasson

I purchased 3 or 4 bags from you last year. I think the soil you sell is grand! Grew wonderful veggies with a modest application. Cannot wait to fill up my new beds with a heaping helping of it! Thank you. Also enjoy the quotes below. Right up my alley! J. Peterson

The reason you have no evidence of disease is simple. You have so much biological activity in your soil that it outcompetes the bad bacterium. It's the same principle for using manure tea or raw milk. This is why I'm so amazed that this area has yet to embrace high quality growing mediums, it is the key to successful organic farming. G. Kalogridis

We love using Frog Holler Helper in our garden because our plants grow more vigorously, produce more yield and are more disease-resistant! Aaron and Bayle

I use Frog Holler Helper because my family and I enjoy great tomatoes and cucumbers grown in your mix! Emory Rhoads

I love using Frog Holler Helper in my garden as it is perfect for a lazy gardener like myself! I like planting things but am not good about adding fertilizer, etc., throughout the season. Your Frog Holler Helper gives my plants the nutrition they need and keeps the bugs away too! Love it! Judy Kramer

I have a 1,500 square foot garden that I am building up the soil in the garden plots. This Spring I put Frog Holler Helper in a few of my plots. Not only were the plants in those plots the largest and healthiest, NO WEEDS grew around them! I am going to finish off the rest of my plots with FHH --it's the best!! Julie Mills

I got your Frog Holler Helper garden soil years ago. I have never seen anything grow so fast! I put some seeds in the soil and I had to jump back--they grew so fast! That is why I am coming back for more. I don't even have a green thumb. It is all in your soil. Linda Freed

That stuff is the "CAVIAR OF COMPOST"! David Peskin

Hi Robyn, I spoke with you at the craft fair in Maggie Valley recently and I wanted you to know how good my garden is doing this year. I live half way up a mountain so it's not easy growing produce. You encouraged me last year to grow lettuce and I have successfully done that. You told me you put some extra things in your soil this year. I don't remember what it was but please continue to do so . . . Thank you for all your hard work and conscientious efforts to help people like me. I salute you. . . . Happy gardening. P. Lopez

I use Frog Holler Helper garden soil in my garden and I have grown a lot of tomatoes that weighed three pounds! Malene Cammer

I wouldn't have a garden without the Frog Holler Helper soil. I had someone build me a raised garden and he filled it with clay and rocks, just native Carolina soil. I went and bought Frog Holler Helper and mixed it with the clay. I had some good plants the first year, but kept buying the soil each spring and having more and more success. Now, I use Frog Holler Helper and my compost and have a very productive garden each year. I have come to love gardening because Robyn has made it so easy. Lolita Roy

That rich black stuff made my tomato plants go wild. Initially the ground looked & felt lifeless, but after adding Frog Holler Helper I had a real garden plot. John Buckley

My experience with Frog Holler's garden soil- My family and I moved to Waynesville last May. I started a square foot garden as fast as possible. My plants (Tomatoes, cukes, beans) struggled because I didn't have time to collect all the nutrient supplies I needed. I bought one bag of Frog Holler Helper and BINGO! Results. The plants shot up. I started getting about 25-30 beans per plant, eight cucumbers on a plant, and over 200 grape tomatoes on one plant! My plants grew very fast, about one half of an inch a day. This soil also made my plants tough. Not hard to deduct since my tomatoes, cukes and beans lasted through several cold nights in the teens. No question where I'm getting my garden soil this year. THANK YOU FROG HOLLER ORGANIKS! Jacob Clifton, Age 13

Robyn! Love the updates! Very informative and helpful. Pruned my blueberries as soon as I got the last newsletter. Soil I got last fall has some beautiful garlic that I planted in mid-oct and some beautiful Broccoli from this spring. Wish I got a giant dump truck full of your great dirt! Ribbitt (frog for check you later) Lani

Your Frog holler Helper produced a wonderful, abundant and tasty garden last year! CeCe

Excerpts from July 13, 2007 article THE HEALTH CHIC VISITS FROG HOLLER!

By: Wendimere Reilly
"While searching the Local Harvest website for interesting local and organic farms in North Carolina I came across . . . Frog Holler Organiks. . . Climbing down from the tractor was a strong, vibrant, confident woman. Robyn Cammer is a landscaper, farmer and the local biodynamic guru. It turns out that the farm is widely known for producing the most nutritious and sought after garden soil in the State. A fact quickly verified as we kept running into people that knew Robyn and swore by the stuff.
I asked her what was in it and she quickly rattled off a dozen or so ingredients including trout, but at the time I happened to be more interested in watching her work the tractor wearing a sundress, wide-brimmed hat, no make-up and looking simply lovely. I thought to myself, what a truly inspirational role model.
So if you are ever in Waynesville, NC stop by the farm, pick-up fresh eggs, or some of their infamous Frog Holler Helper soil. Better yet, book a weekend getaway and rent The Gardener's House. Guests can make fresh salads from delicacies that you pick right from the greenhouse, relax in the gardens and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Robyn, I am so excited with the Frog Holler Helper we got from you a couple weeks ago! I now have my own lettuce growing and it came up almost immediately with the Frog Holler Helper Soil. Thanks! P. Crawford

After visiting Robyn's amazing farm and receiving a brief education from her about Frog Holler Helper soil, I ordered a truckload. Robyn promptly delivered her prized composted garden soil and gave me a number of tips in working with the medium. I am ecstatic that my flowers and vegetables are thriving and secure in the knowledge that I have added value to the landscape. L. Dickinson

I love Frog Holler Helper because of the worms it brought to my soil! Ray Grimm

There are multiple reasons to like Frog Holler Helper! You guys provide a healthy and natural way to feed our soil. It in turn feeds us in a safe and tasty way. Also, your organic feeds make it so we are not giving our critters crazy stuff! It is so nice and stress-relieving to know you guys help keep us safe from the inside out! Thanks!! Jessica Dietrich

Frog Holler Helper has greatly improved the soil structure and boosted the nutrients in my soil so my crops are healthier. I have found FHH has reduced the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides. Love the "shit"! Judy

Hi Robyn; Just wanted to let you know your Frog Holler Helper is really great and I appreciate being on your email list. Thank you. T. Alexander

Your Frog Holler Helper has created the most fabulous garden for us!! Our garden is the marvel of our street and we share our produce with many!! Thanks so much!! We'll have to take pictures and email them to you. Our sunflowers are over 12' high! No exaggeration!! Athena and Avalon

My husband and I came to your farm to buy Frog Holler Helper soil earlier this spring. It was fantastic by the way - the tomatoes I planted in the soil were huge and delicious! Kristina

I love using Frog Holler Helper in my garden 'cause it goes with the eggs we eat and it's pure and clean as manure can be! Thanks, Robyn, for all you do to make my corner of the world a better place. Angie and Bob

My antique roses and hydrangeas are popping in the Frog Holler Helper composted soil I used -- from Frog Holler! I'm VERY happy with the results. I'll get some more this spring .. for sure. Thanks so much! D. Hicks