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Enjoy a morning at Frog Holler in one of our Private Educational Workshops for six or more people, followed by a behind the scenes tour of the farm pertaining to each workshop. We offer several topics of education:

Garden Building and Improvement-- It Begins with the Soil: Where to locate your garden; how cold air currents work in the mountains; building your low maintenance garden beds and borders; improvement of the soil; compost combinations-- where to find them and how to use them; making compost - biological soilfeeders; vermiculture; starting your garden the easy way without rototilling, pulling weeds or digging; weed prevention the easy (and free) way, organic weed control; irrigation; and pest control.

Poultry Workshops such as "Raising Pastured Poultry for Eggs or Meat", "Gardening with Guineas: Housing, care, diet, hatching, brooding, breeding, choosing the best types for your needs, predator problems, composting/sanitation pits, garden pest control and getting your chicken ready for the freezer; "Raising Pastured Rabbits and Poultry Together".
Raising Rabbits:  Everything you need to know from birth to harvest and learn how to raise your rabbits and poultry together.  

Seed Starting: From Seed to Mature Plant: From small scale to large scale; how to start different types of seeds; correct growing medium, flats, trays; affordable germination mats; full spectrum lights--the less expensive way. Leave with your properly seeded tray and dome lid to grow on at home.

Cut Flowers in the Organic Landscape: Learn what flowers and greens to grow in your landscape that can also double for your fresh arrangements indoors. Low-maintenance flower beds and borders and adding soil amendments for proper soil medium.

Private Group Workshops: $35 - 50 each

Contact us to schedule a Private Workshop for Your Group of 6-25